How to use blender models into jme3

I am currently facing a problem with importing blender models into jme3. Actually, I really don’t know how and all my hours of research on the net have been useless about it. I heard that I should convert the .blend file into a ogre xml, but I can’t. Also, I read about the BlenderModelLoader, but that doesn’t seems to work either. I’d like to ear what you do to import blender models, textures, animations, etc. into jMonkeyEngine.

Thank you :slight_smile:

you heard?!

you have a big documentation about everything needed.


but I can’t
why you cant?

there can be many issues:

  • blender ogre exporter issues
  • JME SDK converter ogre->j3o issue
  • you have no knowledge how to install blender ogre exporter
  • you have no knowledge how to use ogre->j3o converter

then just please… write more… i do not read in minds.

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This will help: - ogre export script - example project with ogre/blender models - model example