How to use der-ton's 3DsMax md5exporter?

Hi, I’m new to jme and 3D in general. I just moved from ogre xml to md5 since my .skeleton animations didnt work. I am now trying out the md5 format. I’m using 3DsMax8, der-ton’s md5exporter and Neakors md5importer for JME 2.0.

I get my animation exported from max and imported to jme, but the direction of my animation gets weirdly changed.

In max scene the character is looking paralel to the z axis and is above 0 on y axis. But in jme the model is looking along the x axis. The cart is supposed to be in front of the character, it is the same editable mesh, attached together.

Which is actaully ok, since i read that it is supposed to be due to some differences of max and jme coordinate system, so i could rotate the model 90 degrees, but they weird thing is that the wheelbarrow is under the character and it gets more weird when i run the animation where character is lifting the wheelbarrow. There 90 degree rotation wouldnt help with animation.


BUT, when that md5 animation to max (with some md5importer:

And then export it with der-ton’s md5exporter, the animation gets f…d up, marine is rotated:

So, my question is: What am I doing wrong? What do I have to do, to get my animations from 3DsMax to jme properly? Do I have to change some exporting settings?

What are the fields reverse face-normals, flip vertical tex-coords, mapchannel and bind-pos Frame for?


Since i haven't been able to solve the issue, ill just load the 2 meshes and animations separately.