How to use Jmp

Well actually today i wanted to take a closer look at the JMP,

however I’m kinda frustated by now. (Note I use Eclipse normally and have not worked with netbeans ever)

Well installed, started works fine so far.

Tried something for a small helloworld test, well kinda faild but nothing serious so far.

Tried to run some of the tests, now WHENEVER i click on run it does not try to start the test at all instead it throws me some errors I have in my test project. So far I have been unable to find out how to tell wich stuff I want to compile and start!!! How do I tell it that i want to start the class I have opend in the wondow (wich is default behaviour for eclipse guess this is netbeans based and not a jmp thing tho,)

Second round:

Deleted my faild test stuff, now it opens the test chooser. Well at least i can select here wich test I want to run.

Selected Fancycar, everything fine so far.

→ Remembering reading something about vehicle tweaking in the jmp in realtime, lets try that

Where can I find that? The help under f1 was not really helping me with that.

So basic Question is: Where can I find all that fancy stuff that Jmp is worth using for? (Material vehicle terrain editor ect)

To run the currently opened file instead of the projectd set as ‘main project’ use shift+f6 :wink: you may as well right click the file on the file browser and hit ‘run file’

For the other things, well I believe I haven’t even had time to look into those myself enough to tell you much about it :wink:

The tests project is your “main” project. Right-click another project to make that the main project.