How to use OptimizedErode (or ThermalErodeFilter) on a float[]?

OptimizedErode and ThermalErodeFilter don’t really have any javadoc to speak of, nor any real tutorial, nor any examples of what I’m looking for, which is to take a heightMap (in the form of a float[], or as a formal HeightMap instance), and apply an erosion effect.

The only examples I could find, TerrainFractalGridTest, TerrainGridAlphaMapTest, and TerrainTestModifyHeight all use the erosion filter as part of an Iterative filter, which is then plugged into a FilterBasis, which is then used in a FractalTileLoader, which is passed to the constructor of a TerrainGrid, in the simpleInitApp() method.

What I want to do is take an existing float[] (NOT in the App init function), and apply an erosion effect. Is there a way to do that without instantiating all this extra… stuff?