How to use Physics 2 package?

Following the "Getting Started" guide in Physics 2 wiki (up to generating releases), I've got no idea in how to run the tutorials, including where I should be pointing in command prompt, what parameters I should include (-cp etc etc), where I should put the jar files into (when I need to use physics in my project), etc etc.

I'm completely new, have run through a few tutorials in jME. How do I develop a new game using jME? Do I put my source files into jmetest folder to run them as what I did with the test files?

Thanks in advance.

The best way to start is to use Eclipse IDE and the two guides:

That way you can postpone knowing about class path, and library path until you are more comfortable programming in jme.

But before doing that you really should make some non-3D, non-physics game in Java to get used to the language and game development in general :wink:

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

I'm pretty comfortable with java, just not jME.

The whole process of downloading and compiling is long and error prone, especially using command prompt.

I'm working on eclipse version now :slight_smile: