How to use reinit? (i want to run 2 jME apps)

i have 1st app is login window of my game and the 2nd one is my game client.

i want to end 1st app and pass some variable to the 2nd app.  i think it should use "reinit" but i don't

know how to use it.

help me please… "URGENTLY"  T_T

For runnign J2ME apps on desktop env you might want to check mpowerplayer:

hehe, Pepez, he does not mean J2ME but 2 jME apps  :lol:

beersonic, what you actually need is changing window size or switching from windowed to fullscreen, right?

You can do this with recreateWindow in DisplaySystem - see TestRecreateWindow for an example.

Yes, J2ME is called JME these days (thank you Sun).

The real question is, did Pepez… when he somehow found this forum with this question… all the time while registering an account, think that Sun actually renamed J2ME to Java Monkey Engine :smiley:

umm, i don't want to change window resolution but i want to run 2 apps for example

1st app is game title

2nd app is game client

then i want to run game title and then terminate it and run game client following

it's mean like this code but it not work

public class test extends SimpleGame{

I don't know if it is possible to start another game app from the update method. Consider either starting it from the main method after the first one terminates or like I suggested above show the title in the same game app as the actual game.

Man, I feel really dumn now…  XD That's why it felt little bit like off-topic  :?