How to use SimpleGame as a SWT component

Hi everyone!

I want to use the 3D display (3D Poker) i create using SimpleGame in a RCP application.

The problem is that, normally, i'll have to use

extends SWTDefaultImplementor

but i still have

extends SimpleGame

in my display class.

so, what is the solution?


Have you checked out the jmetest on the topic?  SimpleCanvasImpl can be used in a manner similar to SimpleGame :slight_smile:

No solution which allow to use SimpleGame?  :expressionless:

Like an interface or something like that?

(Because i use a lot of stuff automatically done and implemented by SimpleGame!!!)

Furthermore, SImpleCanvasImpl is still an extends, no? And i have to use SWTDefaultImplementor also as an extends to have a SWT component?

So nobody know a solution? Or a trick to do multiple inheritance? (i know, i know, it's not the Java spirit but i need it)

why don't you write some sort of controller that uses the renderer of the DisplaySystem.

that way you work by the Model View Controller principle ( fundamental in OOP programming )

i had sort of the same problem i was working in the JME baseGame and had to make a switch to AWT and JME

5 minutes work ( with the MVC build up ) and some variable name changes did the trick.

if you want more in depth just ask :slight_smile: