How to use UE4 engaine assets in jmonkey?

i cant find the assets frolder in jmonkey. i cant browser the pc to find them…
the same happens with blender…
so how i can do it? seems like the easiest way is just to use UE4 but i dont want to.

i cant find UE4 assets folder. i cant browsering in system. blender browser work different?

how can i fix it? the easiest way will be using JME3 project with assets folder in it.

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but there is a way to copy paste the assets i got from ue4? help me insted of bullshit my thread

if you want answer, ask question, not bullshit monolog.

if you want use ue4 assets, you need prepare them to make them open in blender(or any other 3d modeling program), then convert them to any JME3 usage format like .gltf, .blend, .obj, .ogre.mesh, etc etc.

then you go yourJMEProjectDir/assets/Models and you put this models there. easy.

i really dont understand what is your problem with it, you need ask proper questions

I feel like I’m having a stroke reading this thread.

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What is even going on here?

seems like logical reasoning

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What is even going on here?

he cant “browser the pc” to find “engaine assets frolder” :sweat_smile:

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english not my home languge tho.
so to be correct, i need to open them in blender then save the assets in a blender format to open them in the jmopnkeyengaine ?
another Q please answer, i can build asmall street in blender adn then transfer them to the engaine? i really dummy in this stuff

english not my home languge too. But programming itself require to know it.(a little)

you need describe what is your assets current format. is it already .blend or something else.

for example. if this is .obj or .gltf then you just “Copy Paste” them into yourJMEProjectDir/assets/Models

you started topic with “i cant find assets folder”.

i cant really help with this. this should be obvious assets folder is in project dir.

you cant write topic with “my monitor dont work, how can i see JME game, easiest way will be not using JME”

Well said. :rofl:

You might ask the UE4 forum where UE4 stores its assets.

Perhaps this will help:
Where is the Vault stored? - UE4 AnswerHub


Each engine has support for different asset file types. JME primarily works with GLTF model format, most image types and OGG for sound. You can use wav but ogg is preferred.

I’m not familiar with UE4 but if they are not supported formats you must convert them or open them in a supported editor and save as a supported format to use them in JME.

I don’t know why people find it amusing to ridicule people that don’t speak English very well. Grow up.


agree @jayfella about people who dont speak english well.

but disagree about this case.

i was/am one of this kind of people who dont speak english well.

if someone cant ask question that “can be understood”, then how can he understand solution you try provide him? he need learn how to ask questions. the problem was not about english at all, but sentences itself.

Read his topic post. he cant write like this in future, otherwise noone will understand what is going on.

i understand it can be pain for him that someone have fun because he dont speak english well, but why he make pain for us writing “seems like the easiest way is just to use UE4” in first topic post after other words that have no sense. i belive people would not make fun of it, when he would not “attack” community.

Most “AAA Engine Assets” (not from the UE Store though, they might not want you to use their assets in other engines, it might even be illegal) use .fbx as their format, which works well with blender import and then export to jme.


oh ok. i thoght there is forlder in the engaine folder for assets so i dont need to open a project for using them. i thought jmonkey is simple as SIMS. that all i need to do is drag the asset on the screen.
ok i got it. thnx. and for the so hight smartest people. all u can do is to code. lack of creativity means you will never ever sell a good game.

blender cant see those assets i got from ue4. it shows empty frolder. nvm anyway. i start studying this month tho. just want atlest to creat the map but whatever

You can highlight text in the thread and hit quote so it makes things easier to understand who and what you are replying to.

Maybe you need to enable the import/export script in Blender under File->User Preferences->Import-Export.

What file extension do those assets have?