How to widescreen resolutions?

Dear Sirs,

I need help asap!

Let's imagine the following:

  1. I have developed a complete 3D scenary in a screen with a 4:3 resolution ratio (e.g. 1024x768 resolution) in my desktop, and my current view in the screen with that resolution ratio is this (fullscreen):

  2. No, let’s imagine I change to my laptop with a widescreen and it’s resolution ratio is 8:5 (e.g. 1280x800). Then my current view in the screen with that resolution ratio is this (fullscreen):

    But this is not what I want to see!

  3. I want to keep the same ratio for the 3D scenary, and make the display system to be able to show my scenary in a widescreen, increasing right and left space, but not manipulating my 4:3 3D scenary ratio. That is, I want the 3D scenary to be shown in my widescreen laptop, but with the following view (fullscreen):



    Thank you very much!

Have you ACTUALLY tried this??

cam.setFrustumPerspective( 45.0f, (float) display.getWidth() / (float) display.getHeight(), 1, Globals.maxDistance );

That is in baseGame (I believe), so if you aren't extending it (baseGame) make sure you have it in your code.

Also, make sure you are choosing a wide screen resolution on widescreen monitors, and vice-versa.  ;)

i achieve this result by selecting the correct resolution in the startup dialog

Thank you, very much, basixs! It seems to work now :wink:

Note that in your sample code you provide Globals.maxDistance. What's the value you have set in that constant? I put 100f, cause I don't have your Globals.maxDistance constant, and it seems to be fine. Anyway, I would like to read your recommandation there, if any.

HamsterofDeath, I dont know why in my widescreen laptop JME is not detecting my current 8:5 resolution ratio, and then it doesn't provide me any options to choose wide resolutions, like 1280x800 (the current I have) for instance, or any other.

Currently, what I am doing to change display resolution is this:

display.recreateWindow(width, height, 32, -1, fullscreen);

But I do this after start-up and after the first try of JME to provide 4:3 resolution ratio. I would like to make this 8:5 resolution ratio setup happening and start-up.

Is there any way to make JME correctly detecting my widescreen 8:5 resolution ratio at the start-up display dialog, and then providing me 8:5 choices?

Thank you.

Make sure you are making this call before start()


Otherwise Jme will just use the last selected resolution.

Yes, basixs, I already know that. The point is this:

  1. I would like to set the dialog settings (those posted before) myself by code and disable that initial dialog.

    Is there any way to do so?

  2. On other side, I would like to make the dialog to recognize my widescreen resolution. Now it is not recognizing my 8:5 resolution ratio and then it's no providing me those 8:5 choices I would like to select during initial start-up.

    Is there any way to make the dialog to recognize my 8:5 resolution ratio and providing me this kind of resolutions?

Hmmm, maybe update your drivers and CVS.

Widescreen resolutions are calculated fine here.

Ugh :// so, it works on your computer, it does detect your screen possibilities. Then you are right, I should update. I CVSed JME, then should I update my drivers, maybe (nVidia GeForceGo 7300), but they seem to be quite new…  :expressionless: