How to write a new code and compile it?

Hello guys again, :smiley:

im really sorry about it :D, but i am not able to create a code and compile it! :?

Now i have a Folder in the "Package Explorer" on the left side "jme []"

In this mentioned folder I can find a "src" folder where i find a package called jmetest.tutorialguide

I can drag the examples from it and slide it in the middle and then i can see the code and compile it, then i see the examaple on my screen.

How I can write a code and compile it on a new site? I just want a new site writing down my code and comiling it then a window shall open to see the result.

Please do not take this the wrong way, but jMonkeyEngine is not a good way to start learning Java.  I suggest looking for tutorials on Java and on using the development tool of your choice (eclipse for example.)