How works TextureManager.preloadCache()?

Hi everyone!

I try to load new sprite in my scene, but it seems to freeze the framerate for 1/2 seconde.

So I tried to preload texture before creation and add TextureManager.preloadCache() but nothing expect…


  • My texture size is 2048x2048 (spritesheet)

  • The first frame when I create the sprite looks like that:

  • After loading, its look like that:

  • I can create multiple instance of "zangieff" (lol), only the first freeze the rendering for 0.5…1sec.

  • I isolated the method which take time in the render function of my Game (not the update!)

    Thanks in advance!

no ideas?  ://

Well not really a solution, but I suggest to try dds format, usually it is far faster, another idea would be to have a precache scen that just textures a box in the background with all textures after another (one per frame), not that elegant but working.