How would I start off making a top-down game?

I’ve just recently gotten my hands on jME, and it looks very nice so far. What I want to try is a top-down 2D (but with subtle 3D elements) game that’s tile-based - how would I do that?

Start by making the camera at the top and looking down :smiley:


yes camera on top, a way to define content in your tile + a way to displat the content, then control,…

For LudumDare #31, I made a pacman clone with jme in 48H. you can see the source at GitHub - davidB/ld31_p0cm0n: my game for ludumdare 31 . Don’t use my custom render pipeline, use the default one of JME3.

PS, I’ll update the code soon, because I updated my custom renderer pipeline to work on mac