How would one add a material to the body of a physics vehicle?

I am making a vehicle by creating a CompoundCollisionShape, adding a BoxCollisionShape onto it, and setting its control as VehicleControl.

I, of course, add wheels onto this, and am able to set their material just fine. However, I am unable to change the body’s material at all, does anyone know how to remedy this?

Here is an image, where I just set the material on the wheels to blue:


And an additional, I guess you could say optional, question: Is there any known way to set the friction to vary with which way an object is travelling? This is what I mean: Travelling side-to-side, these wheels have very little friction, any way to replicate this?

Nevermind, I was able to figure it out. That is really weird, I tried it for an entire day, and as soon as I posted this topic, I figured it out.

Thanks anyway, and if you could answer my second question, that would be awesome!