How you configure the muose?

I installed on my PC “jMonkeyEngine SDK”, ok.
I run from the IDE “BasicGame2” and pressed the continue button, so far so good …
but if I move the mouse the cube axes are completely reversed (muose “right” figure on the “left”, muose “left” figure to the “right”, muose “up” figure “down”, muose “down” figure “up”)
How you configure the muose?

I think that you think that the cube is what you are moving but what you are moving with the mouse is the camera. So, if you rotate the camera to the right the cube will go to the left… and so on.

So… I recommend you to do the begginers tutorials.

I think from now on the word “muose” will always make me laugh ^^


Even more when you realize he said “muose” 6 times :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that attention of the Exception of muose :stuck_out_tongue: , ask menia to the mouse, thanks NemesisMate

Oh that thing.