Howto draw geometry after statNode [partly solved]

Hi guys,

first of all, you've done a very good work with JME. I love it. :slight_smile:

I'm currently trying to implement Image Space Lighting. I've successfully implemented the TextureRenderer to render to 4 textures simultaniously. The diffusemap is then applied to a screen-aligned-quad which resides in the statNode. As far as i see from the sources the default behavior is that the Renderer sets the camera, renders the rootNode, switches to ortho mode and renders the statNode.

I need to render more geometry after the statNode, in camera space. Any suggestions?


i helped me out with an CameraNode and an attached Quad in Screensize. Bit dirty, but it works.

I also modified SimpleGame to not draw the rootNode but execute the TextureRenderer for MRT.


Kind Regards