Howto generate rectangular terrain by using TerrainPage?

Hello again,

1.) Is it possible to generate a rectangular (not quadratic) terrain using TerrainPage?

I guess not for now (looking at TerrainPage's constructors), however whats the reason for this limitation - If I remove the first two sub-childs of  the root TerrainPage I get a 1:2 terrain which still works. Is the only thing that would need modification the sub-terrainblock/page generation algorythmn?

2.) For now I set a single shader for the root-Terrainpage. How large would be the runtime-overhead if I set a different shader (e.g. out of 10-15) for each terrainblock help by the terrainpages?

3.) As I said I am using a pixel shader on the terrain - to get access to the textures I use setTexture(tex, num), I plan to set up to 16 textures on the terrain. Will this cause a runtime-overhead also if I only use 2 or 3 of these 16 textures in the shader?

Thank you in advance, lg Jacob

1: no it's not possible as terrain page uses a quadtree structure for spatial sorting. but where's the problem? just place 2 terrain pages near eachother and you get your rectangular terrain  :wink:

Thanks a lot … how could I have missed that 

works great :slight_smile:

Well of course this would also solve the problem - just 10 or whatever terrainpages in a row.

sorry if I ask - but how can this be archieved?

I looked a bit at the examples but did not find how this could be done, in the terrainpage examples nowhere the terrain is added to a specific position, just to the rootnode…

lg Clemens

Just like you do this to any other object, setLocalTranslation