Howto properly resize a scene?

Hi, I have a simple scene with two objects imported from collada documents. The first object o1 is animated and the second o2 is not. My app extends SimpleGame.

When I have added the models to rootNode as children I call setLocalScale on rootNode to rescale the scene. This works perfectly with o1 but with o2 the bounding box no longer fits after the scaling. What can I do to fix this?

have you tried updateMiodelBound on the spatial, also ensure you have also called updateGeometricState

Yes I've done that on the rootNode both in the simpleInitGame and simpleUpdate methods but it doesn't help.

Did you probably use non-uniform scaling? It's not supported for nodes, actually. :expressionless:

I scale using only one float as argument so that should be uniform.

Okay I'm still working on this so any help will be greatly appreciated. I've noticed that when I scale my model (imported from collada with skin and skeleton) and add an active animationcontroller to it then the scaling is different than if I don't add an animationcontroller. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

I have a similar problem.

I have two simple Collada models, one is animated (skin/bones), the other is not.

Both have the identical (and correct) <unit meter="0.01" name="centimeter"/> tag in the Collada file.

After importing, I try to scale them via model.setLocalScale(0.01f); to bring them from centimeters into my ingame meter system.

The static one scales absolutely correct, but the animated one doesn't. The animated one shrinks much stronger (a good factor of 10) than it should.

I'm using ColladaMax 3.02 for export from 3ds.