Howto upload textures asynchronous?

Hi there,

I would like to create a large terrain by adding/removing terrainblocks by myself, so to not make the game chop I would need to:

  • Upload all textures
  • Generate the Terrain-Block's VBOs and other data

    on another thread.

    Is jME thread-safe? If not are there ways how this could be done?

    Thank you in advance, Jacob


jme is not multithreadable at the time due to openGL being single threaded.

In short and as i understand it: You can't touch anything rendering / openGL related in another thread than the main rendering one

so You could load Your stuff in the background and then queue it for the rendering thread to add to the scene.

You may still want to search the boards for in depth discussions of this topic.


With the current development version (CVS or nightly) you can load texture in another thread.

Generating terrain should not be a problem either. Not sure about vbo though…

i also suggest you take a look at this thread: