HTC Vive Trackers

I am wanting to use the HTC Vive tracker in a VR Application, does anyone have any example code that shows how to set that up?

Hmmm, I have posted it somewhere on the forums.

Let me see if I can find it.

[SOLVED] VR Launch title and icon in SteamVR - Troubleshooting / General Help - jMonkeyEngine Hub


JMonkey + VR + Oculus DK2 - Guide? - General Discussion - jMonkeyEngine Hub

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Thank you! I will look there.

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Did you find what you wanted?

No I need to spend some time loading and getting the latest and greatest running.
I think then the code will be applicable I am not running current version. Is there a step by step installation how to to setup JME VR ( current version?) Also are there plans to make VR apart of the generic install procedure?

Not sure what you mean. You need to have whatever software is needed for your hardware, for example SteamVR for HTC hardware. If that is installed, you simply need to add the required code to your application, see the links I posted above for that. If you are using the SDK, I am not sure but I thought that the VR module was included, otherwise you will need to download and add the jar yourself. If using gradle/maven, simply add the jme3-vr artifact.

As posted above, see JMonkey + VR + Oculus DK2 - Guide? - #4 by tlf30 for a fully working example. I recommend commenting out the registerVr() call until you know what you are doing, as it registers your vr exe with steamvr, and most likely you are not yet packaging a exe launcher with your application yet, but when you go to distribute your VR application, you will want to make a exe launcher for it that gets registered with steamvr.
Hmmm, I thought I had posted somewhere on the forums how to build a exe wrapper to launch the jvm, but I cannot find it, but when you get to that point I can provide instructions on how to build the exe launcher.

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I installed the latest stable version 3.3.2-stable,
it is not working yet Failed to create display.
So until I figure out why it not working I can’t test.

So I have tried to get the 3.3.2 working with VR and its a no go, down loaded a ZIP of the SDK and added the jme3-vr and LWGL3 but NO LOVE.

You will have to be specific on what does not work. I have no issue using 3.3.2 with vr.

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