finally cracks 200k on

Once in a while I check in on to see if our domain is in good standing. Today I was delighted to see that, I believe for the first time, we’ve made it past the 200’000 most popular sites on the web.

Unofficial as it might be, looking at this and our visitor stats (ranging between 20-80 human visitors online at any given time), we’re the 2nd most popular open source 3D game engine out there after OGRE. And, you know, OGRE is technically just a 3D rendering engine, so… just sayin’ :wink:

Yay o/

hihihihihihihih, awesome :]

Sadly it’s down to 199,668 :frowning:

One way or the other, few sites get there, so it’s a great honor to be among the top. head in the cloud literally. :wink:

madjack said:
Sadly it's down to 199,668 :(

mhh...I think the lower the number the better the score, right?
This means there are 199 667 sites more popular than ours, am I right?

I must be tired. facepalm

Haha lol, nice kicking OGRE there :stuck_out_tongue:

good, hopefully time will prove more and more that java can be used for serious game programming.

@madjack Sadly, it’s up to 201k right now :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll fix that up real good by the time beta arrives though.

As for OGRE, I mean them nothing but utmost respect as an open source project and pioneer in open source game development, but I think we would both agree they’re not the best fit for the game engine category, and they never said they were trying to be.