is moving up in the world

Ever since the launchday back in September we’ve been slowly moving our way up the Alexa ranks. For those who don’t know, Alexa is a web information company that keeps track of the most popular sites across the web.

Back in September 9th a traffic rank of about 500’000, while the .com domain was around 270’000, as it is still today. Since then the new .org domain has been making its way up the ranks at a speed of about 5-10k a day. Now, not even three months in, we’ve made it past the original .com domain!

Alexa rank, Friday 19th November 2010: - 267,780 - 271,217

Thanks to all you guys in our community who kept the site vibrant and perpetually updated with information for hungry crawlers to feed on!

Now let’s hurry up and make it past <100’000.

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