HullCollisionShape creates an incomplete hull


i experience a strange problem with the HullCollisionShape/CollisionShapeFactory,
the collisionmesh that gets created leaves out certain triangles of my mesh,even though the mesh i put in the constructor is already perfectly convex.
Here is the example, it shows how an edge of the collisonmesh is missing :frowning:

I tried using the GImpactCollisionShape, but it is killing the framerate completely even though the mesh i put in is the same as above (60fps -> 1fps).
Is there a way to set the mesh manually or sth like that?

well, seems like i misinterpreted the whole thing, the collisionmesh-generation is good but the debugview is off.
the generated hull behaves as if it would be like the one in the left image but is displayed with triangles left out…

i assume, that the debugrenderer is not using the ight mesh mode, and interprets each pair of 3 vertexes as a triangle