HullCollisionShape some are fast, others are slow, why?

I create a HullCollisionShape from a simple mesh in a shape of a rock, and the physics engine runs fast with it, several rocks works fine.

there is another mesh, baked from several spheres, the resulting dynamic HullCollisionShape, when its physics is active, is very slow for a single instance… it has about same size of the rock, and it doesnt look much more complex (vertices) than the rock…

any reason for that? any way I could optimize the HullCollisionShape, or limit its creation in some way (so it creates a more simple collision shape)?

I used HullCollisionShape in the past and didn’t have big drop in fps. Was a somewhat complex shape too (nacel of a ballon). Is it possible that something else changed such as more stuff to check collisions with in the decorum?

Have you tried using a compoundCollisionShape made of multiple sphereBounds?

yep, I have the same frame drop when there are too many spheres for CompoundCollisionShape; I tried the HullCollisionShape exactly to improve fps, but it sometimes does not work;

I think I will prepare a test case then, even to make it sure it is not something else on my code causing that.