I am looking a way to make moving clouds in JME. please help me

Now I can create skybox for my scene. but sky box is static. I want some moving clouds in sky.
I never want to use 3d mesh for that. Can anybody help me? thanks in advance.

Well, we currently use the atmospheric scattering code written by @pspeed with the addition of an extra dome containing a seamless cloud texture which moves with the speed of the game world. This creates a feel of moving clouds, we would however like to add that into the atmospheric scattering dome later on but hopefully that gives you some idea of how you could do it.

Perhaps it could be worth having a look at videos 27 and 28 of ThinMatrix’s videos where he talks about the skybox and later making it move and also creating a day and night cycle.


You can also use SkyControl, which simulates day by night cycle, directional and ambient light changes, clouds, moon phases and stars, etc… You can get it here, but hurry up: the googlecode.com website is about to close and i think this project wasn’t still ported to github. If you need help to use this control, I’m here to answer your questions!

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Thanks my friend. this is amazing. I am really really appreciating you. If I have question I will try to reach you.Thanks.

Thanks DannyJo.
these were good tutorials which i was searching for. I will make sure to watch all of these. I really want to learn OpenGL.