I can't get any applet to run: where to start?

I finished the Beginner’s book, and got to the deployment part. I wanted to try running it as an applet. I followed the instructions and it did not work. Not even the “BasicApplication” works. Neither in Firefox, nor in Chrome (I tried IE too, but it crashed even before opening the default home page! :smiley: ). All I get is a white page, with a square in the middle that doesn’t refresh, at 0% CPU. Looking at the wiki doc, it seems the same, so idk what I’m doing wrong. I started a local webserver (winstone) and pointed it to the directory, then typed http://localhost:8080/run-applet.html What could I be doing wrong? And how to debug such a problem?

I just saw the warning about unsigned WebStart applications, but this isn’t one. Is that the reason it does not work at all, even if I tell the browser to trust it?

I think some version of Java started requiring applets to be signed maybe. I don’t know because in all of my latest (non-JME) applet deployments, I always deploy them using the JNLP approach to starting an applet. I don’t know if JME does that or not but that will definitely require signed applets.

I’ve never tried deploying a JME applet (at least not since almost 3 years ago) but I thought maybe that info might nudge things along or something.

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I think I’ll just try to make a HelloWorld non-JME applet. If that also fails, then the case is closed for me. I don’t think it’s worth buying a certificate just to test a demo on my on PC … :roll:

You can create a self-signed certificate easily enough with the java keytool. I do it all the time for my applets… and on the company intranet I even deploy them that way.

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Thanks. I tried a standard HelloWorld applet; it doesn’t work either, so I think applets are not run at all anymore, if not signed.