I can't run JME3 on my laptop while the system specs are high enough

title said it all. I cant run anything of JME3 on my laptop while it has got high enough system specs. The graphics card supports openGL, so it must work. But when i try to run a JME3 example for the testshooser, i just got a white window that i can only close with task manager.

It must support opengl2.0 what graficcard is it (name, typ?)

Also a driver update might help.

my graphics card is: Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family, and according to the Intel site, it should support openGL.

OpenGL 1.5 is the latest version currently supported by the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Drivers on this chipset.

but you need OpenGl 2.0 (the main difference is Shader stuff, wich is essential to run JME3, since the materials are all shader based)

so installing a new driver won’t help?

I could barely get jME3 to work on my tablet PC and it’s GMA965, X3100 chipset. However, yes, I needed the absolute newest drivers. They added software support for a few shader units. They’re a bit slower, but they work properly (I think, been a while since I messed with jME3 on it, but I know it at least worked)…