I can't use Lighting

I have the Problem that when I start the Game there are much LIghtbugs. I think that those bugs are Lightbugs.

I hope the Problem isn’t made by the map, because the map is 600 km² and made out of 80 Models.

Can you please provide a screenshot? What do you mean by “lightbugs”?

And please define your conversion for GL units to kilometers… Is it 1:1 or are you doing some scaling that makes the world span many thousands of units?

What problems? What bugs? Screenshots? Source? Anything… ?

So your map is infested with these buggers? :frowning: Try rootNode.detachAll() if killing each one is too much work. I know its a harsh step but theres no playing around with lightbugs!


OK , I have solved the Problem. The Problem was that my Computer can’ t take this. EDIT: I want to ask how I can make a really big map also for bad Computer (with Shadow ?).