I have a black hole in my Sky Dome


i have a black hole in my sky dome. It comes when i look in a certain direction.

I try to change the daytime, but that doesn’t help.

here is a screenshot

Isn't it too big? If i add a sphere larger then 1000 in radius, i have the same thing.


try to change the Camera's Frustum perspective.

As the previous repliers have hinted, it looks as if you create a skydome that encompasses your entire scene. Because you do that, when your camera is positioned at certain places in your scene, parts of the skydome will be beyond the camera's far plane. Rather than sacrificing quality by increasing the size of your camera frustum, you should keep the skydome small in size, move it along with your camera each frame and make sure that you draw it before the rest of your scene with writes to the Z-buffer turned off. Check out any jME-test that uses a SkyBox for similar examples.

Could you please past your example for the zbuffer thingy…i have a skysphere too, and maybe it will be useful.thx!

You can use the SkyDome's update method to change the position, how marqx sad:

you should keep the skydome small in size,


I did it this way, so I don't have to update the skybox:

Node  <

gets the translation of the Player
   +---Other Player related things, e.g. for collision detection
   +---CameraNode <
gets the rotation of the Player