I have been trying to import this model for a month :(

I’m new to jmonkey so forgive me if this question is too obvious, but I’ve been searching far and wide to figure out what’s going wrong. I have installed the ogre3D exporter that’s supposed to be compatible with blender 2.63. I can use it to export the model into a bunch of files labeled .mesh and .skeleton, but I don’t know how to properly import these into jmonkey. I tried dragging them into the models folder, but jmonkey complains that I need the materials file when I try to open one. Is this the correct process to use? Am I doing something wrong? I have the latest nightly SDK of jmonkey.

Here is the model:

You are mostly doing it right. You can convert the .mesh file in jME SDK to a j3o-file and then you have to deal with materials. However, materials are tricky. Just because your model looks cool in blender does not mean it will look the same in jME, or even look like anything at all. They have very different ways of dealing with materials and textures.

Maybe this link will get you started: https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:external:blender

Also, check out everything you can about materials in the tutorials.

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thank you! I will give this a try.

I was finally able to do it after following the 9 steps in this post


When you export from Blender errors will show in a dialog in the upper right, i think. For example, a vertex can only exist in 3 or less groups (or maybe it is 4). So, pay attention for any error reports when you use the ogre exporter.

If the mesh looks all crazy when you import into jmonkey, you may have some mistakes you need to clean up.

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