I have problem again


remember its “Action” class not “String” class there.

Are you looking at the updated tutorial source code or are you still working from the wiki?

If you are having trouble finding the source code then if we knew which tutorial source you were using we might be able to point to the better one.

Also, the javadoc will be your best friend… link at the top of this page if it’s not one button press away in the IDE.

i belive wiki still refer to AnimControl instead of new AnimComposer.

So it would be better to refer to some JME Example code.
like here: jmonkeyengine/TestWalkingChar.java at master · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

@Sasha_Net_Official like pspeed mentioned, we need to know what tutorial/source you were using.

I work with updated version.

we need more information, i cant guess based on what was provided ;/

anyway you always have JME Test code, you can Run it, see it works, then find out difference between your code and find issue.

second option is to create simple TestCase that we can see source, and point exactly what is the issue.

This problem is caused by libraries.


You haven’t provided us the error or enough source code to help.

So we can just keep pointing to javadoc at this point.

Edit: you don’t even tell us which version of JME you are running.

Please provide TestCase

even if would be caused by libraries, it could be your Ant/Gradle failure to load wrong version of library, we dont know it.