I like using Macs better than using PCs because

Since @wezrule desperately wants to tell the world how smart it is not to buy a mac I give him the opportunity to do so but before I of course detail my reasons to choose Macs over windows PCs.

I am using computers in a professional context (audio engineer) where the computer is just meant to be a device that is working. So I do not have the time to configure a PC to the point that its working at peak capacity. I rather spend some hundred euros more and get a working package of soft- and hardware. And if theres e.g. external hardware incompatibilities… due to the fact that theres only three models of each Mac such issues are normally quickly solved. Users can easily describe their systems, driver developers know the machine. With the almost unlimited amount of possible hardware combinations with windows PCs its very probable that you draw the PC that doesn’t and will never work with your external hardware… I experienced that a lot.

About the OS and software… Yes, its “limiting” you in terms of features… But in fact… It only brings together those features that actually work together. On Linux/Windows you can do almost everything but you a) have to sacrifice a goat to get it working and b) if you want to do one thing, others do not work… In the end you develop your own little workflow to do something and it has its limitations too… So I rather let the guys at Apple do that and again use the software instead of configuring it or looking for a replacement. While I sacrifice some options I get a lot of stuff that just works. Still I am happy that windows users can try everything to find out it doesn’t quite work yet, thats whats driving innovation…

Now for the general price tag… First of all its pretty well known now that even Intel struggles to make their “Ultrabooks” as cheap as the MacBook Air and its also well known that with really comparable hardware (not el cheapo) the desktop macs are also just slightly more expensive than PCs (considering the proprietary casing etc). But the main thing people forget is the software. While some PCs have something similar to iLife preinstalled, none of these solutions come close to the iLife suite and for comparable software you pay at least 200-300$ altogether (e.g. Magix Music Maker - 100€, Adobe Premiere Elements - 100€, and thats only two of the apps). Still those “simple” iLife apps use the same algorithms and software like the “pro” software… Its just limited to a few parameters.

If you look in the pro corner, Logic Studio only costs 450€. It comes with a complete sequencer, lots of high-quality synthesizers, sampler- and software instruments. Altogether you’d have to pay at least 3000€ to get that amount of software for a new music PC… Of course Apple bought eMagic (developers of Logic) because of exactly that, when Logic was on PC still you would pay for all instruments separately; now Apple knows you already had to buy one of their “expensive” computers…

I think in the end its the same… With PCs, you buy a new CPU and GPU every quarter of a year while with Macs you just buy a new computer after two years… Effectively the same amount of money but more headaches while installing new hardware on PC and more time with newer hardware in the store windows looking at you with Mac.

So… start the rant… And remember those that only come up with bad things to say about Mac didn’t support their platform of choice properly here and depending on the severity of the argument (jobs-disciple, mac=paperweight) probably more express their jealousy or general malaise about Macs than anything else…



Will I jump on that bandwagon? Better not.

All computers work the same way except for some minor differences nowadays. That someone wants/uses/prefers Apple’s stuff over PC or Linux over OpenBSD or Atari 2600 over Sega is a matter of preferences based on personal experience, likes and a whole slew of variables.

Some people likes to bash Apple, others PC. Just use what you prefer and let others do the same, this is not a pissing contest (just saying that at large, not pointing at anyone btw). :slight_smile:

@normen, I respect you for the person you are, not the OS/hardware your computer runs on. Same for everyone else.

I, for one, will continue to work on my PC. Maybe I’ll get an Apple one day just for the heck of trying it out, who knows. As long as I can be productive, that’s what matters.

I totally agree, its about productiveness. I got a Linux PC with MythTV as my “TiVo” and a Windows touch PC as a “Synth Rack” and they work fine. I was mainly explaining why I still prefer using macs for my daily computer work as it seems to be hard to understand for people who only compare CPU prices (?). I’m actually interested in what the issue is some people have with Macs… can’t be solely Mr. Jobs ego anymore ^^ Tho I don’t 100% agree that computers are the same… The hardware is maybe, still a TiVo, XBox360 or PS3 doesn’t feel or work like your average PowerPC and its “outdated” hardware and “limited” software doesn’t make it obsolete because of exactly that :slight_smile:

Computers are not the same, but the pretty much work the same way internally (Yes, there are differences, big/little-andians, hardware access, etc). Physical representation aside of course.

As for TiVO, Consoles and etc… Well, I honestly don’t consider those “computers”. They’re toys. I can’t run jMP on Xbox360 on a TiVO set-top, or run open office on PS3. Those are specialized hardware conceive for almost exclusively one task. Yes, technically they’re computers too, I know. :slight_smile:

As for your question.

I’m actually interested in what the issue is some people have with Macs

That's easy for me. I have nothing against Macs. I have something against MANY Mac users though. If you listen to some of them, you'd think Mac was the equivalent of a Cray computer to an Intel 8088. It's the elitism that some Mac users spew that is nauseating me. The worse is, most of these people don't even know crap about computers and computing. These people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a video card and a network card. And they dare tell me that Macs are better than PCs? (Ok, about to go on a rant and yell here so I'll stop just right here).


The consoles hardware is exactly the same as that of “normal” computers, that was your main point before, I just used it against you :smiley: Its the package that counts, not the hardware. You can make a desktop computer out of a PS3 or TiVo but thats totally off the point of the device. Same as connecting a childrens microscope to a mac :stuck_out_tongue:

About the elitism… People do the same with their car and I guess they, you and me have just about as good an idea about the internal working of cars than about the mars rover ^^ And you don’t need it to use the car. Same for computers… If the race driver tells the mechanic he cannot drive that car and skids off the track the mechanic can tell him for long that its got a more powerful motor…

Still I agree theres lots of nonsense going about in these “discussions”… I only posted at all because I expected our great monkey community to be able to soberly “discuss” this :wink:

About the elitism.. People do the same with their car and I guess they, you and me have just about as good an idea about the internal working of cars than about the mars rover

Oh yeah. I agree. It's not because you've changed oil in your car once that you now have become an expert. But some people do think that way. Maybe it's old age or wisdom, but when I don't know shit about something, I just shut my yapper. I may offer input if asked or give my opinion but it'll never be "This is how it works/is! And it's the end of discussion!" I've known so many people acting that way. The funniest is, when you turn shred their little ego, they glower at you. (I've done that several time when talking about computers with the usual idiots that I've had to deal with. Been working in that field of a very long time, and believe you me, there are a lot of "I know everything! But if you prove me wrong I'll hate you for the rest of your life." And sadly, that's on both sides. Macs, PCs and the rest too (although, admittedly, many people on Linux/openBSD/etc are very knowledgeable since it's less mainstream and more geeky, but noobs and idiots are everywhere).

1000% agree about people talking about stuff they don’t have the faintest idea of ^^ And yes, I also presume the problem being in the ego of that person oftentimes… Maybe that in combination with the higher price tag makes small egos buy expensive computers? :wink: I think I know what mac users you are talking about xD


Maybe that in combination with the higher price tag makes small egos buy expensive computers?

It's like those kids with their fixed-up car's muffler grumbling like hell.
Or the average Harley Penidson cranking that damn engine at the corner light.

What else are those except ego booster? Thinking that owning object X will make you cool or better is what those people are all about, the sad truth is they're the only ones not realizing they're idiots. Or maybe they know, but they love to pretend otherwise (back to the ego thing I guess).

@normen you are the reason why I now respect Macs lol :wink:


Actually if you buy quality Hardware for a pc you won’t have many problems with drivers at all.

Of course for a normal pc this involves doing some resarch yourself wich manufacturere uses no dirty shortcuts, for a mac you usually are guranteed that they preselected good hardware. At the other side the pc is cheaper, for the price of te Mac I can get nearly two similar PC’s.

The software argument may be valid, I don#t know, never did much with that. Normally you can get for every system around similar software for around a similar price. (Where mac is a bit more expensive but has global usability concept)(Don’t underestimate how much free software there is for windows and linux, of course msot works on mac too, but often only for windows and linux are packages prebuild and you would have to compiler yourself)

It’s ok if people like Mac, if the know why, I just hate those kiddos that go like “Blarg I bought a mac and I-Pad I’m so professional”

I like using PC’s better than using macs because…

I don’t care for all the flash that comes with owning a “mac” these days. I just wanna get a task done. I want the lastest games to work out the box, not use some crummy emulator, and half the time it don’t even work. But to be pedantic: all macs are the same, look the same, feel the same, wheres the variety? Wheres the inter competition? Any company can make a PC with windows inside and just pay an initial licensing fee. This lead to lower overall prices, between competitors, higher innovation and left apple in the dust. Now apple the last decade decided to fight back, with marketing over anything else. Now people don’t own an apple product because its good anymore, they buy it because they think they’re cool. “haha i own a mac, and your poor, you own a pc”. Sometimes its not the macs thats annoy me it’s the people who own them. I don’t go around bragging, I got a PC whoopy de. My brother bought an Ipod, and had to fcking show everyone, fck off. I don’t go around waving my laptop in peoples faces. They are a “special” race in their own delusional mind, when really they just got ripped off and are ruining it for everyone. The people who use it for their job/profession are fine, but everyone else… This wasn’t directed at you @normen, I was trying to be as generalized as possible.

just watch this :wink:

@nomnom: Lol :slight_smile: Glad I could at least make you see things from a different perspective :wink:

I like using PC’s better than using windows because..

A PC is just hardware in that case. Computer = Software + Hardware!

Why would *you* guys be annoyed when somebody else puts out the money to the window (by buying a mac and not using it). Those kids would be nauseous with or without a mac ;) The real arguments of @wezrule are exactly my points about choosing macs. I don't want the fastest processor or 100 different fancy casings, I want a working computer. As said I see that PC's drive the innovation but still they also go through all teething problems of new technology, I just got no time for that when working.

Macs are *really* a very well done combination of soft and hardware.. Theres *heaps* of research being done by apple.. not about getting the CPU's to new higher speeds but to make the device usable. If you use them you notice that and its a good feeling ;). I own PC's and worked/work with windows for a long time, who of those complaining did ever work as long with a Mac? Most just got annoyed by that kid again ;) The philosophy of Apple never changed, its just people (and maybe their own marketing department) interpreting new things into it all the time. And no publishing company or sound studio had to close their doors when Apple had "soooo outdated" hardware (before G5 / Intel).. The computers would still do what they were created for, just like a PS3.

yeh i wrote that first sentence a bit wrong xD, edited. Yeh for you mac is probably a good choice, and i’ve no problem with people owning them, just as long as they don’t brag about it. Anyways theres always these mac vs pc debates, and i doubt it will end soon. They are both good in different ways, and ill stop bashing on mac users, ok? :smiley:

Why would *you* guys be annoyed when somebody else puts out the money to the window (by buying a mac and not using it). Those kids would be nauseous with or without a mac

That argument doesn't hold water. :P Simply because those kids wouldn't brag with a PC, they'd be like most people. They -only- buy Macs because it's a *glitters*Mac*glitters*. This is akin to buying a Ferrari to drive around town. With potholes, bad streets and constant stops you can't even enjoy the ride. It's ONLY for looks. Attention whores. That's all. It's what set them apart, make them "special". Yeah, shortbus special. :D

@normen, the ultimate choice of using bleeding edge technology is only that, a choice. 90% of good PC parts are very reliable, have excellent drivers and usually are install and forget. (Not talking about the El Cheapo parts here of course.) Now, if you're like some people (Me, I'll admit) and love to have the latest, you know you can get burned. I've been burned several times, but it's a choice I made and that I live with. I pre-ordered my GTX 480 3 months in advance. I was ecstatic when I got it. It played (and still do) games like nothing on the market (and please, let's not go into a AMD/ATI vs nVidia war :P). At first there's been some bumps I'll admit but I'm ok with that. It's like recompiling the Linux kernel at every damn commit. Now THAT's playing with fire. :)

There's also the evolution of computers that we can't forget (at least for the point of view you're exposing for your change of platform). Maybe you remember Winblows '95? Rebooting for pretty much sneezing and breathing too hard. Those days were intense, but it's not like that anymore. Actually, since I've had Windows 7, I had 1 BSDO since I got it and it was pre-ordered too. ;) And it was my fault by installing some weird beta crap driver...

Anyway... Better stop now. I could go on and on and on. :evil:

They would get something else to brag with, certified :wink: And btw, it only works when other people react so strongly :smiley:

They would get something else to brag with, certified ;)

If they only knew what it meant. :P

And btw, it only works when other people react so strongly :D

Yeah, that's exactly the reason I refuse to go down that path.

Well let me put some of my thoughts here also.

I never used Mac and I generally have nothing against it. As some of the people already said, it only bothers me that there are people who would give everything for Mac product and won’t even consider anything else. I think of it like a religion of some sort, because they probably believe that Mac is god. :smiley:

I don’t really know about hardware, but I don’t like Mac OS. Well I don’t really like Linux either, but that’s because I am so used to Windows. Oh, and most games only run on Windows. :wink:

As some of the people already said, it only bothers me that there are people who would give everything for Mac product and won’t even consider anything else.

You are kind of contradicting yourself here, on one hand you say you don't understand why people won't even consider another OS and on the other hand you say you don't consider anything but Windows ;) Mac users would have to get used to that other OS as well and refrain from it because of the same reasons you do. Same as Bing, Google, Facebook, Google+.. why would you switch? You know how your stuff works and get along best with that.

Back when I switched to Mac it was actually because of Logic Audio.. I knew that is "my tool" :D, the software I am most efficient with in terms of audio production. So I decided that the OS and platform is actually secondary.. I never looked back tho ;) And for games.. I got myself a PS3.. Same principle.. It just works without me configuring the heck out of it..

xbox 360 > ps3

I don’t really have much to say, just a bit of a comparison of OS’s in general (from my experience - 16yr old gamer/dev :P):

in order of speed:

linux - mac - windows

in order of software/hardware compatibility:

windows - mac - linux

in order of customisation:

linux - mac - windows

in order of ease of use:

mac - windows - linux

in order of overall cost:

linux - mac - windows

If I tally the rankings as points (lower is better):

linux: 9

mac: 9

windows: 12

Now for the personal opinion :wink:

Mac gets +1 because I don’t like how smoothly the cursor moves (I suppose I could get used to it…)

Linux gets +1 due to lack of game support

Windows gets -2 because playing games is easy, and majority of AAA’s are supported :smiley:

So they all score 10 :stuck_out_tongue:

OS’s all pretty much the same with their own pros and cons - mostly based on the numbers of people that use them