I Lost My Mesh & Face from blender

i try to create character and i found a trouble when i open it in jme3…

this is the situation…

in blender :

when i export and open it in ogre meshy :

when i open mesh.xml with jme3 in scene explorer

i lost my chest & stomach :

can anyone help me?

or maybe ever got problem like this?

Summon @thetoucher !!

Summon @sploreg !!

Summon @normen !!

i need your help …


Please don’t bump (especially not with @mentions), your post will be read, no worries. In the meantime did you read https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:external:blender ?

oh sorry, i just want to call them,a while ago i just edit it and add you there before you tell me… :slight_smile:

should i delete it?

Well now the emails already went out, twice to be exact due to your edit :confused:

yes i have read it first i want to create it…

but i not add the texture yet…i just add material…but the mesh is lost…

it lost in wire frame mode too, it mean the mesh surely lost…should i upload the blender file??

i just found it when i create this one…if i create other simple models, i never found problem like this…

umm what twice mean? emails? are that make me get banned?

what should i do?

Just don’t use @mentions mindlessly. They send out emails to the persons (if they didn’t decide to turn them off due to such abuse here).

some one is tell me to do it… please look at this …

@sploreg said:

@choprapancavoohunn said:
hey mr Sploreg.. so how i can contact you if i got another problem? maybe email at least?

Just on the forums with the @Sploreg tag is easiest.

To import the model right-click on the falcon.mesh.xml file. That will create the falcon.j3o file. You might want to update jme to the latest stable beta, or even try the latest nightly build (I’m using a build from a week ago).

Yeh but he didn’t tell you to mention me or thetoucher did he?

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ohhh you mean i have send the email to them? i see…

but it is not mindlessly…

i really2 need them …

i just have short time to finish this project, because i make it for pass my exam on college… :’)

please help me… what should i do?

i have the right face on the blender ,right flip i mean…

even i try to flip it again…it still lost, i just don’t lose the face, i lost the mesh and the vertex i think…

yes, it because i newbie here… and i think it how to call someone here…like a facebook …

i am sorry if i was make a fault…

Look, we check the forum every day, your post will be seen, there is no need to mention anyone. If you put a mention in a post people will get an email which is annoying if you check the forums anyway. If you then edit the post the email will be sent again. Is forums such an old tech that kids nowadays really don’t know how they work??

Is the chest and stomach a different material?

Could the normals be the wrong way around on those faces?

Have you tried doing a direct blender import without going via ogre?

Are the faces missing completely or just black?

What does the scene graph show?

Is it important that the model looks right to pass? if not just focus on the logic and use ugly placeholders, use the rest of the time once logic is done to cleanup assets.

would be my suggestion, cause else you migth sink much time into something and won’t finish the game in time.

Try “it’s a feature”, like rayman :stuck_out_tongue:

This could be a number of issues:

-backwards normals

-no tangents (but it doesn’t look like you have a material with a normal map set yet)

Normen means not to do @mentions immediately after your first post. It is the weekend are we often aren’t at our computers. We will see the post the next time we log on.

Do you have an armature on it in blender?

Sometime if your weight threshold value is too high in the blender exporter some vertices have no weight at all and the skeletonController in JME just put those vertices at 0,0,0 producing this effect.

So when you export try to set the weight threshold to 0.05 or something like that and ignore the warning about vertices that have more that 4 bones influence.

thanks for all reply

and sorry to anyone that i have @ mention , i swear i do it because i am newbie

i have found the answer , after i am trying many times…

here if someone have a problem like this,

  1. make sure it have no wrong face direction, flip it if it wrong
  2. the answer is (in that hole or missed face ) because the vertex of that area is not assign to any groups…make sure it have group :slight_smile:
  3. sorry for long time answer
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