I made a post filter color grading

I just wanted to share something:
Does anyone needs a filter for color grading (not sure if its the correct translation from my language…)?

My filter can do the following:
contrast and brightness
Hue and saturation

Maybe its cool to add it to the scene composer, so you can easily slide and see if you get the correct picture (with a nice slidebar or something).
https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_khZwEutJ6DOVFjS1RhN0pEN2M&usp=sharing for pictures.

Just ask and I give you the code :slight_smile: (filter class, shader, simple glsllib, j3md file)


Looks good, thanks.
IMO it’s always worth sharing.
Also note that 3.1 will have gamma correction, which may change the outcome of your filter.

Yay @Micheldb !

haha, awesome! color grading is close to what it is called, and I think you can totally use that if you want. I think “color/contrast enhancement” would be the best way to put it in English. I could definitely think of using that when setting the emotional tone of a level or cutscene artistically. Probably related to using somber and dull colors for neutral/foreboding emotions and brilliant saturated settings for treasure finds and happy scenes.

If you’d like help to turn it into an official community module, I might be able to help. That way you can show off it’s full potential like you’d want, and learn more about the Netbeans environment and JME3. My only language is Engish, but if you can understand what I say in my videos, then I already have some good pointers here at the forums. Otherwise, I can also send links to you for where I learned how to work with them. It’s whatever you’d like. :smile:

Good job, and Game on,

Cool challenge accepted.
I still need to do a lot but. I will share my code soon.
I will check your video’s and learn making a plugin for jme3 sdk