I need help starting JME on mac


well alright then, what about my other questions?

do i need all that if i run a mac?

Yes, the getting started guide applies to Mac as it does for Windows and Linux, the only differences should be the file extensions (jnilib instead of dll or so). All the required libraries are in the jME CVS or releases. If you are interested on details about the libraries, use a search engine of your choice :wink:

allright then, and do you know a good site that can clearly show what the Java fundamentals are? i am fairly new to this and i want to use this to help with development of a mmo.

we originally used a sort of minuscule MMO maker for our game and i decided to look for ways to make it so that our game can be more versatile and easier to run. because originally to run the game requires several tedious tasks.

i ran into this and thought it would be a good idea. but to make sure i wanted to first learn how to use it and then teach my other comrads.

the site is http://www.pokemonfantasy.com/index.php

i am rather bright and i do enjoy scripting, but my only bumper at this is simply compileing all the stuff. if i knew what it is and were to get it it would help.

If you are new to Java, definitely check the Java Tutorial first http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/

Edit: Oh, and I almost forgot: Get yourself a good IDE (Netbeans or Eclipse)

well do mac's have a built in source code control utility? i read somewere they do? what is it?

if you install the developer tools (comes with the machine's install cd) it will install cvs as well…

an eclipse install will sort out cvs, ant etc but i find it easier to work in the terminal with these tools rather than using eclipse…

java is preinstalled on every mac so you don't have to worry about environment vars and all that, but make sure you are running os x 10.4+ as java 5 doesn't work in prior revs of the os and java 5 is needed for jme…

getting jme set up on the mac is very easy…

if you want more detailed instructions just mail me…

that would be helpfull if you could. because this mac is actually used, so i don't know much about it but what kind it is. it is compatible with java 5 though.

plus i have verry little understanding about macs.

an i couldn't email you since it is hidden so i just pm'd you.

if anyone else out therre that use it on mac, please help out as well

I have used jME on a Mac only briefly, but I will try to point you in the right direction:

  1. I use Netbeans 5.5 http://www.netbeans.org, and it includes a CVS and SVN client that you can use to download jME source.

  2. Read http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=setting_up_netbeans_5.0_to_build_jme_and_jme-physics_2

    2.1) Be sure to read all the steps carefully.

  3. Do step 2 and 2.1 again.  :wink:

    My experience with jME @ Mac is that not all the examples work there, nor the physics system is the best implementation.  (Might be just me)

how do i configure my environment variables so i can add the environment variable ant_home and java_home?

depends on wether you're in bash or tcsh…

i think the default terminal shell on mac is bash, i use tcsh…

then setting an enironment variable is just


ncomp said:


That will only work for the current session, but I assume you want a more permanent solution. What you have to do is edit the file .bashrc (with the initial dot) that is located in your home directory, and add two lines at the end of it:

export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/java
export ANT_HOME=/path/to/ant

By the way, with Netbeans and Eclipse, this is not necessary since they manage their own paths.

so since i am useing eclips i don't have to do all that?

Well since you are asking, I think you have not checked this article:


It shows how Eclipse can download the CVS version of jME, and build from the build.xml script (with ant), as well as how to set-up the environment to start developing.

Good luck  :wink:

i am useing netbeans, but should i switch?

You said you were using Eclipse two posts ago  :?

Personally, I like Netbeans better (even though I use both). Use whichever you want, in the Wiki, getting started (http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=getting_started) are links for both IDEs.

i have switched from one to the other, sorry about that. i wasn't shure because someone convinced me to do so. really which would be better for a begginer?



pros: Superior coding styles and formatting. Faster to boot. Less memory required.

cons: Poor profiling assistance and contextual menus.


pros: Superior debugging. Built-in Swing/AWT point-and-click editor. Easy to manage libraries/contextual help/code completion.

cons: High memory usage, slow when many features are turned on.

So, it really is whichever fits your needs.  :wink:

allright then. i am useing netbeans.

but were do i find the jdk 6 for mac?

java 6 is out but only on pre release, currently build 88…so in general unless you really need to i'd avoid it until apple offically release it…

although i've heard horrible rumours that it might need leopard…