I need help whit your idea of how to integrate my game with other stuff

Hi friends
please help me with this topic
I wanted to chose a 3D (online & lan ) multi player game project for my university project.
But there is sth here. My master has no knowledge of 3D game , opengl, lwjgl and computer
He is software engineer and has a great knowledge of 3-tier architecture (UI, BLL,DAL) in web application and database also about spring framework (core ,mvc and security) , JSP & Servlet , Tomcat server and so on.
He said your project should be in away that he can help me with it .
I need ideas about integrating my game with such stuff .
note that my game will be multi player so I have networking integrated with my game .
I want ideas about concept of using 3-tier or mvc architecture can be integrated with my game concept .
also concept of authentication and authorization control in server …
and anything you can Imagen of …
support me with your ideas.
Lots of thanks …

One idea is that you write a server side management interface by embedding a jetty server and implement it using spring mvc et al. :smile:

This way you could manage your game server via a Web interface.

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Would you mind please explain in more details.
I could not get you with “write a server side management interface by embedding a jetty server”.
I am a bit dummy. please help whit more details.

Why Why !!
36 user visited but no one said any thing unless dear @DannyJo.
I do not want to miss this project. or may he will say me do other project (like web based book library system or Dashboard system …).
I must prove him that I can integrated what he wants in my on line game.also my time is less .

What @DannyJo said is a very good start. You can also manage multiple servers so users can connect based on nearest available game server or to locate a server that will allow both players have a “fairly equal” connection

Welcome to the internet. Probably because of the way you express yourself in English is hard to read and the fact that the title is misleading so some people that have no idea about networking check it out too, but realise they have nothing constructive to add and don’t post. Like me for example.

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Making 3D and server side are 2 jobs that require 2 set of skills.
What do you want to show to your teacher ? (Tomcat, JSP are very old tech)

My suggestion, Keep It Simple Stupid, eg :

  1. choose an existing game (maybe a table top game), a turn based game
  2. make the server, use regular HTTP + JSON to manage actions, match making,… (please your teacher)
  3. create the client with UI with jmonkeyengine with 3D (please yourself)
  4. enhance server feature / add juicy to the 3D

for the server side, my suggestion make a server (that embed the http server), doesn’t follow the servlet way, eg :

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I know my expression is so weak. I will try to correct my expression. so I am asking for forgiveness
of all members.
about the topic i select because i wanted anyone take look because any answer can be constructive to me.
Sorry if it bothers anyone … :sweat:

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My first thoughts on your post were going to be kind of discouraging… but since you’ve asked for more input…

Your goals are incompatible with his. 95% of your game will be things that are outside of his skill set. Indeed, games often go completely against normal enterprise approaches for very good reasons.

So, my read of your question was: “I have a university project that must use enterprise software but I really want to use it as an excuse to make a game.” The hard truth is that you should probably pick a project more inline with your studies and then do game programming as a hobby on the side.


I kinda think similar.

There is only one large exception that will work perfectly.
Create a game similar to OGame, or some other browser game.
Jme is however not in this picture :frowning:

If in the end you still have lots of time, you could then write another client based on jme and some kind of clean rest api ontop of it.

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Chinese student?
The Marauroa engine maybe useful for you. Not a good idea to develop games with spring.

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You can do 3D data vizualisation with data served from a server. not a game but 3D + enterprise
data could be cloud point, medical, or any statistics.

Good Luck

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Thanks all of you friends .
Your Ideas were so great for me.
Master accepted the idea.
I have one year to do it.
My master will help me whit server side web based management interface.
Again thanks all of you for your help.
I will add my project to git hub.
I do not want t close topic because I may need your help during the development process.
Wish me good luck… :pray: