I need help with the camera

Hello, i am started to learn jmonkeyengine and i have a lot of troubles, really A LOT OF TROUBLES.
i really enjoy reading the jmonkeyengine documentation but sometimes i think i miss a lot of things or i just dont find them https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3
i study this documentation for a lot of time and i really suck, i mean i can create games but these games are limited to documentation, i want to create my own games.
i will be really happy if someone response, because i cant learn by myself, but i have bad experiences with forums, like no response or useless response “hey dude search in google maybe you can find it”,“look at documentation again”.

well my expectation is create a game with camera like gears of war or dead space, i think its interesting and can help other people in future.
i dont know how create a camera so i use the default camera of jmonkeynengine what its the flycamera be default

this is the images of the games :
[spoiler] [/spoiler]
this is how i think i can do it in jmonkeyengine :
-the red circle its the player and hes attached to the green node
-the blue node its attached to the green node
-the camera its .setLocation to the blue node
-from the camere i have a ray when the ray collide with the first object i use in the player .lookAt(loocation where collide), so in that way you can aim when your player isnt in the same location and cant use the same rotation of the camera to aim.
-you can use the mouse to rotate camera, when u rotate the camera the green node rotate too to the same direction,and if green node its rotate blue node its rotate too, so you always focus with the camera the player and dont lose the focus on him.

i dont know why its not show the image but when you click it its show, sorry for that
nevermind i fixed it


then my Question : -How i can remove the camera keys, and dont lose the mouse to move it(i dont know how create my own camera)?
-Exist some more easy way to create a camera with that style look?
-How to create your own camera?

//i find this to make the camera dont move and dont zoom but any way this is just a troll code.(its answer one of my questions but i want to understand how manipulate correctly the camera)

PD: i dont try to code it, but i bet i can have some problems when i turn my back to the walls so the camera will be blocked be walls, so i think i need some collision to the blue node to evoid that, i dont know.

To do that you create your own camera state - but don’t worry it’s easy :slight_smile:

Take a look at the code for fly by camera, copy that into your own app state. In your SimpleApplication constructor call super(…) and the … should list the app states you want (for example fps counter) but not the ones you don’t (standard fly by camera). You can either add your new fly by camera there or you can add it later in SimpleInitApp.

Also if you do some searches on these forums you can see some example other cameras people have done including 3rd person ones, etc. Some of them could well be helpful.