I need jme-bui source code

Hi everybody!

Now I need to use BUI for my project but I haven't got source code of it. I tried to download it from http://samskivert.com/code/jme-bui/jme-bui.zip in http://samskivert.com/code/jme-bui/ but link died

I don’t know if bui is still maintained. But as Sam Skievert (or Three Rings) gave it to the community under LGPL I can post it here. This version should work with the current CVS version of jME.

Maybe you though want to take a look at JMEDesktop first (tests: HelloJMEDesktop and TestJMEDesktop) which uses swing in-game.

:slight_smile: Irrisor! Thank U very much. I will try JMEDesktop.

You can always check out the latest version of BUI from its svn repository svn://samskivert.com/jme-bui/trunk.