I need professional development support - paid

Hello all,

as time goes on I think that learning the full engine in an few days is too much - even for me. So I respect that I cannot fulfill the tasks I should do and need therefore help from you as the jme community.

I need someone that sets up the engine for me and enables

  • Applet integration into html code
  • Applet generation
  • Loading a dataset into the applet (.3ds)
  • Set up lights and textures
  • supports further actions of mine (eMail support)
  • explaning things in JAVA and jme (eMail support)
  • time frame 3 days max from now on 21-May-2009 (finish on end of 24-May-2009 UTC+2)

    worth: 500$

    Someone WILLING and ABLE to help ?

    Best regards


I might be able to help if you still need a hand.

You can leave me a pm with your mail or IM to contact you.