I need your help to rotate objetc

Hi, I’m starting to jme3 and I have problems with my “first game” hehe.

My English is not very good, although I’m using google translate to try to explain as best as possible.

I need to know how to rotate an object to a particular position, ie, I’m making a game that has 3d objects but only work in 2D, and I need my object to rotate players and look to the right or left alone, but the functions I saw and I’m using, for example node.rotate makes a gradual rotation from the coordinates of rotation in which the object is located at the time, so that I can not make the object look to the right when you move in that direction or to the left when facing the other side.

I hope someone can help me.

Thank you very much.

You don’t have to use the rotate() method, use the setLocalRotation() method to set the rotation instead of applying it to an already existing rotation.