I Scale model 100f, cam.setFrustumFar(100000);but part of model can see in the scene!

i scale model 100f, cam.setFrustumFar(100000);
if camera distance is near, all is right!
but only part of model can see in the scene if camera distance is far!

its like z-test problem,only model above terrain can see part !

Perhaps the disappearing geometries were culled because their bounding boxes were set incorrectly.

its like z-test problem,only model above terrain can see part !

how to set clipping plane ?

you ask about your topic method cam.setFrustrumFar() / cam.setFrustrumNear() ? You make issue yourself that you scale model instead of just fix clipping planes.

i call cam.setFrustum(1000f,100000f,-500f,500f,500f,-500f)
but the terrain has changed from square to rectangle! in looks

change only frustrum near and far!

and dont shout at me! :+1:

ok thank i use cam.setFrustum(

        ) so all right


When you set your frustum very very large the depth texture becomes too coarse. It must represent a massive depth in each pixel and becomes “wrong”. These issues manifest themselves in shadows and weird issues. Do not have such a large view distance.

If you use the scene graph properly by utilizing the child parent relationship the scene will use frustum culling to help you not render things that are not visible.

These issues are bread and butter of game development. They are solvable if you will listen.

We want to help. You don’t want our help. You want to do it your own way. It is impossible to help you when you tell us you won’t do what you need to do.