I seem to be making a game…

@jmonkeyengine encouraged me to post something on the forums, so here I am!

My mate and I are currently making this procedural world thing:

These early tests were done with <a href="http://processing.org/>Processing, but we’re now in the process of moving to jMonkey. My collaborator is really awesome at what he does, but he’s tied up with his CS degree at the moment and lots of the work is up to me. Unfortunately my programming skills aren’t the greatest so to speed things up we’ve decided to go with an existing game engine rather than using pure OpenGL (which we attempted to do). After looking through the options - including Ogre, OpenSceneGraph, Xith3D, Irrlicht and more, we decided that jMonkey was the best option for us.

Here’s some of my concept art to give you an idea of where I’d like to get to in the future:

As you can see, we have a long, hard road ahead of us. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in what we’re up to you can find more on my tumblr. I hope to post more on this thread though, so stay tuned!



Looks nice, I moved your post to the “Free Announcements” group.

@normen: woops, sorry about that!


That’s looking really nice. As a fan of procedural generated environments (currently working on a game that should make use of it) I like to see your work and I am excited to watch your progress :slight_smile:

Thanks for accepting my “invitation” :wink: I really liked your fresh take on procedural worlds. Not that I’m sick and tired of cubes already, he he, but it’s great to see someone going in a new direction.

Keep in mind that we have a lot of developers in this community who are passionate about computer visuals, so besides any jMonkeyEngine-specific issues you might run into, feel free to ask for help and ideas to achieve your visual target as well.

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Yeah sure thing. I’ll be sure to ask lots of questions!

@erlend_sh said:
I really liked your fresh take on procedural worlds.


Bear in mind that Ed Key is doing similar stuff with his excellent game Proteus. So I'm not alone. It is kind of scary that so many people are doing landscape generation at the moment, due to the popularity of Minecraft, but the topic has interested me since even before Notch came on the scene. I guess Minecraft just gave me a 'kick in the butt' to actually start doing something.

We may use voxels in the initial stage of generation to help us get landscape features such as overhangs and caves, but after that a mesh would be 'wrapped' over the top of them. A basic heightmap just doesn't cut it for out ambitious goals. :)

Here’s a paper that describes a cool technique for generating overhangs and caves etc: Arches: a framework for modeling complex terrains. We might try something like that.

Something about the drawings remind me of Samurai Jack. I like it.

We’re looking for help on our game! Here’s the blog post: http://voyager3.tumblr.com/post/18996952032/looking-for-help

If you’re interested please don’t hesitate to send me an email. I’m particularly looking for somebody to help out with the difficult task of working out how to generate the landscape.

Wow, that is brilliant. Hope you achieve that look from the concepts!