I want to import fbx format file to my program


everyone ,as i was reseach aerospace and satellite, i found a lot of spacecraft model at nasa’s site , but lots of them are fbx format , and i can’t import them to my program with jmonkey engine, i found from the internet , but i found less materia about this format , may be i didn’t found the right place, and i will say again that what i want to konw is : is there any java library can read fbx file or any gudline document that declare the dedetailed format of fbx.

thank you for read this article.

From wikipedia:

The FBX file format is proprietary, however, the format description is exposed in the FBX Extensions SDK which provides source code for the FBX readers and writers.
Currently there are 2 FBX SDK bindings: one for C++ and Python supplied by Autodesk. Blender includes a Python export script for FBX and OpenEndedGroup's Field includes a Java based library for loading and extracting interesting parts from a FBX file.

If you come to create an importer, make sure to report back so we can include it in the update center.