Ialon, my Android game based on Blocks


A couple of months (or years ?) ago, my children asked me to code a voxel construction game for their mobile (Android) that they could play without network access (and without ad…), and of course with many blocks, water, lights and… blabla…

So I looked for a great (free) game engine and block framework in Java that covers (almost) these specifications, i.e. the JMoneyEngine and the Blocks framework.

After journeying on the code (ang this hub) for a couple of moths, here it is: I named it Ialon, meaning cleared area and, by extension, village in Gallic. It is my first JMonkey and Android Game.
It is released under the BSD license, so that other children can benefit from it :smiley:.


The game is already functional with the following features:

  • 250+ different blocks
  • Shapes : cube, slab, wedge, pole, pyramid, stairs, corner stairs, fence,
  • Night/day cycle with Time acceleration factor
  • Light blocks
  • Slates
  • Water simulation (basic)
  • Supports blocks in water
  • Works on desktop or Android devices
  • Fly mode
  • Free, Ad-free, Open Source

Some of you may have already seen some screenshots of my work in progress in the Blocks topic, but I guess it is better to not pollute the alreay lengthy Block topics with Ialon-specific related discussion.

To achieve this game, I had to extend and adapt a bit the Blocks framework, especially on these topics:

  • minecraft-like lighting, required for Android devices and for the simulation of lights in caves/tunnels/…
  • water simulation
  • new shapes (crossplane, fences, liquid…)
  • heavy changes to the chunk manager
  • complete rewrite of the pager
  • use of textureAtlas everywhere (there is no texture switch in my game :smiley: )
  • texture scrolling for water animation
  • diverses optimisations

The goal is also to contribute some of these changes to the framework, whenever possible. The dIscussion is ongoing with remy_vd.


The code is available on Github : https://github.com/vxel/ialon
Comments and contributions are welcome.



this indeed looks just like minecraft i remember :slight_smile:

great work!


Awesome achievement! :tada: :fireworks:

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Once again great work and congratulations on this awesome achievement! :partying_face:

And indeed, the next version of Blocks will already include some of the improvements you made :wink:
Really appreciate the work and feedback!