Icedtea and jme

Hi all,

I’ve first tried to use icedtea to compile and run jme3 tests, but it seems that there was some serious issues with the rendering (choppy framerate, fullscreen freeze, …)

Has anyone successfully used any version of icedtea to compile or better develop with jme? Do anyone know what is exactly the problem between jme and icedtea? (jni perhaps?)

I’d be grateful to hear some informed opinions. I think that it would be great if openjdk was able to run jme, as this would benefit the fully open source game development.

But I realize this is not a direct issue for jme developers.

I dropped IcedTea quite some time ago, because the web plugin simply wouldn’t run applets properly. Any applet, not just jME-based ones, so your issues might not be directly related to jME.

The sun-java6 packages have been working well for me.

(I think this is a Linux/Ubuntu specific issue, in case any non-linux user was wondering, since Windows and Mac don’t use IcedTea)