IDE freezes after saving XML in game

Hey monkeys :slight_smile:

In university I learnd about JDOM and SaxBuilder to read and write XML, so I tried using it for level data. Saving and loading works perfectly fine, but I found out that if I open the XML file and then start the game to override this XML file, the IDE freezes for about a minute after closing the game. Even when I’m closing the XML file it freezes everytime when I’m doing it until I restart the IDE. Then everything works fine (until I open the XML by hand again).

I don’t know if this is related to jme or to netbeans so I thought I ask if some of you guys encountered the same issue.

P.S. the XML is about 600KB (I tried it with smaler files and there was no freezing but I thought of doing it the pretty XML style while coding and enhance it to some advanced binary cryptic files when everything works (that’s what I was told from many guys))
Okay I coud just never open the XML File manually, but I think it’s quite a strange behaviour

My guess is either a extreme slow xml syntax highlighter or similar.

Or, do you use dtd or other schema logic? At least in other IDE#s it can be extremely slow if it cannot resolve the schema due to network/server reasons.

The only thing I do is loading the XML and override it 1:1
The XML Syntax highlighter is not the problem, because the issue occurs after I’ve closed the XML too.

I think the whole thing won’t be that much of a huge problem, because I think I don’t do anything manually with this XML (at least I hope for it ^^)

I just thought whether others had the same issue with XMLs and whether they found aother bugs with them
But as long as this is not the case I think, I’ll stick to the XML and never open them by hand