IDE Shortcuts Anyone?

Hey there.

I was just wondering. Is it just me or it’s impossible to set keyboard shortcuts in jMonkeyPlatform?

Yeah, in the Preferences under “Editor”, you can also select the default keyboard layout of other IDE’s like Eclipse etc.

Hmm. Guess it’s just me then. Strange things happening here. :slight_smile:

I am used to NetBeans and it’s default shortcuts. However, in jMonkeyPlatform, all shorcuts are blank, and even if I set one, it doesn’t work.


Nope. Ubuntu. But I guess it’s not jMonkey’s fault. It just started working. Can’t really explain why. :?

Things like sout-TAB or serr-TAB or Ctrl-R for refactor rename didn’t work. But after setting few times R for refactor rename, everything started working. :? :confused:

Strange. I’ve been using NetBeans for one and a half year and when I started using jME platform 2 months ago every shortcut like sout-tab worked perfectly fine.