Idea…For the newer people

So I’m still somewhat of a noob when it comes to JMonkey and I still make some stupid mistakes with Java. I think the admins and more experienced programmers are going to throttle me sooner or later. So would any newer people be interesting in passing code back and forth whenever we have an issue, as a prerequisite to posting the issue on the forums here? Also it could help us learn more. Anywho, post here if you are interested. Any feedback on the idea is welcome.

I’m not sure this is a good idea. Lots of code we can see (including mine) is not good nor pretty nor well conceived. Showing it for others to learn would only be useful if some very good and talented people do comment them. And this is a lot of work.
Moreover, coding is something very personal, do & don’t depend much on people. Of course, there are things you should really no do… whatever your coding habits…

Of course, this is only my opinion…

It’s best to not get personally attached to your own code snippits, they are just code, not you. Post away and take the criticism to learn more. If the criticism doesn’t help you better your code or point you in the right direction, then it is bad criticism and should be ignored.

Its not getting attached to the code, its not wanting to bother more experienced programmers…for example I can’t seem to get a fps camera working when I did the hello collision test and I think its just something ridiculous that I’m doing.

Yes, some habits need to be learned from the more experienced, but when it comes to finding mistakes like that…its just learning where to look (I think). At least for me I think it would be easier to learn this skill just by looking at other code with errors in it.