Idea: Missing texture texture

While ultimative primitve this might however help many to develop faster, because they are allowed to ignore smaller errors and make some progress.

Idea, if a texter that should be loaded is not present, just display a dummy texture

//Change that have to be done in the assetloaderimplementation to do this

    public Texture loadTexture(TextureKey key){
        Texture tex = (Texture) loadAsset(key);
        if(tex == null){
           tex = this.loadTexture("path to a missingtexture texture");
       return tex;

What are your thoughts about this?

I approve of this message!

Better to have your program display everything funny than outright crash. I liked the pink "Missing Texture" texture from jME2. I miss it's warm presence letting me know when to rageface.  :stuck_out_tongue:

This kind of feature can be added by wrapping the AssetManager. You can check in loadAsset() if the key is a texturekey and the asset failed to load, and then return the "missing texture".