Ideas cache

Hi all.

Right now I'm both helping shagros with his project ("little dungeon etc.") as well as developing my own. So I have more than enough to do. Unfortunatly good ideas keep popping in my head that really can't be used in either project. Some of those ideas make me want to start a project about them. However I have no time to work on these ideas as I have enough to do as it is. I uess that's the case for a lot of people here. So I'd like to hereby create a place were everybody can drop that idea that is roaming around in their minds and keeping them awake at night while there is clearly no time to elaborate them (seriously can't those ideas see how busy we are?). You never know if something that does not fit into your project is just perfect for somebody else.

Oh, and if anybody takes interest in something I posted, let me know, I may be interested in helping out a little somehow.

Edit: I forgot, by ideas I mean allmost anything: drawings, descriptions, models, abstract concepts, game mechanics…

A game were you have to build a fantasy world (think Alice in wonderland or a random themepark). One could go either the nightmare path and collect "scares" as currency or go the wonderous magical "good" path and collect "wows". This game could be entirelly non-violent for a change.