Ideas for spherical world, need suggestions

I have an idea for how to do a spherical world. I ported libnoise from C++ to Java, as well as the complex planet generator. I added some of my own changes.

It’s a very nice little tool. The planet generator is amazing. My small changes have made it so I can generate small sections easily, by giving it a longitude/latitude location, and a radius, and it generates a heightmap and texture map of that area. My thoughts are the following:

How would I do this? Does TerrainMonkey support spherical terrain? If not, is there an easy way to displace spherical terrain?
How could I do water? I have ideas as to how to only render close water, but how would I get it to follow the sphere of the planet?

Try searching the forums, this question have been asked before.

You should get in touch with @aaronperkins an read up on jMEplanet.

I will get a hold of him, and I have already searched and found jMEPlanet. It looks like it’s exactly what I need, but I’ll need to port my planet generator from generating sphere-based heightmaps to 6-sided height maps. Not a big problem though! I think libnoise already has a feature for that built in.

If anyone’s wondering, this isn’t for Lexicon. I’m making a short side-game (which most likely won’t ever be released) to hone my skills in areas I haven’t yet attempted. I’ll be trying out better multiplayer architecture, physics state syncing, animation, and many other things.

And on the side, I’m learning Russian!